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Women's Ministry

Ministry Leader: Pamela Canty

GCC believes that discipleship is important and the GCC Women’s Ministry provides various opportunities and venues to point women to Christ. There are various activities uniquely designed to meet women where they are at. We ultimately want to point women to Christ.


Men's Ministry

Ministry Leaders: Wade Adams & Keith Collins

GCC believes that discipleship is an important ingredient for men to grow in their walk with Christ. This ministry reaches out to brothers who are involved in the life of GCC as well as those on the peripheral of community life. We ultimately want to point brothers to Christ.

Small Groups

Ministry Leader:

This particular ministry provides a space where those interested in diving deeper into the community and can connect with others and discuss the message from the previous Sunday. These small communities are sprinkled throughout the city and led by small group leaders who follow a format designed to challenge everyone to a deeper walk with Christ. Our hope is that these groups become small families committed to keeping each other accountable to growth and servant-hood


Ministry Leader: Ben Moore

This is the adult education arm of GCC. This ministry provides classes created to challenge and equip adult learners. The chief goal is discipleship and so this team seeks to be as creative as possible in conveying the truths of the Bible.

Youth Ministry

Ministry Leader: Joseph Hale

GCC serves our youth by pouring into them using the classroom, events, sports and the arts. We believe in disciplining our youth so that they can share their faith and disciple others. We are committed to creating leaders who understand that they are the church of today and tomorrow.

Word Becoming Flesh

Ministry Leader: Pastor Larry L. Anderson Jr.

This ministry is closely connected to GCI as it is two parts; training and as field work. GCC is committed to having an ongoing incarnational presence within the West Oak Lane community and Word Became Flesh is the tangible representation of this commitment. We commit our winters to classroom preparation designed to reach our community and the three months of the summer is committed to locating teams within the community to reach the lost and push back darkness.

CHAI Ministry

Ministry Leader: Tia Kearney

This ministry operates under the umbrella of the GCC Women’s Ministry and a primary goal is to provide counseling services for women who have experienced trauma or are presently going through crisis.

R.U.T.H. Ministry


This ministry operates under the umbrella of the GCC Women’s Ministry and a primary goal is to provide counseling services for women who have experienced trauma or are presently going through crisis.

REFUGE is also under the GCC Women’s Ministry umbrella and seeks to utilize the creative arts as a tool for healing. Within R.U.T.H. women are part of a co-hort style discipleship program   aimed at producing health.


Community Forgiveness and Restoration

Ministry Leader: Pastor Larry L. Anderson Jr.

GCC has been given the opportunity to reach men who are looking to reenter society after having served time. We have a presence within the prison system and our hopes is that through communicating the hope of the gospel and demonstrating the love of Christ these men will grow in their walk with Christ as they become contributing members of their community.

Children’s Church and GCI Kids

Ministry Leaders: Joseph Hale & Sharon Cooper

These are weekly times dedicated to training our young people to know and make Christ Lord of their life. Children’s Church consist of worship, Bible lessons, crafts and activities. Anyone working with our children are trained and background checked and understands the importance of working with children.

Evangelism Ministry

Ministry Leader: Solomon Jones

While all of GCC understands the call to be ambassadors of reconciliation this ministry provides a corporate presence within the West Oak Lane community.. The selection, organization and execution of evangelistic outreach falls under the umbrella of this ministry.

GCC Worship Team

Ministry Leader:

This group of individuals leads the community of worshippers at GCC on Sunday mornings. The team is ready to lead the congregation into the presence of God through songs of adoration and praise.

Facilities Team

Ministry Leader: Keith Collins

This is a team of skilled and willing individuals tasked with the stewardship and oversight of the GCC property. Any renovation and repair work would be undertaken by this team.

Housekeeping Team

Ministry Leader: Lexine Lyner

This team ensures that the GCC buildings are cleaned on the inside. The upkeep of the the property is of utmost importance and these individuals have been doing an amazing job over the years.

Hope 4 Philly

Ministry Leader: Solomon Jones

This is GCC’s biggest annual event. This event takes place at Penny Packer Elementary school and is a community wide event. As a church we invite the whole community for a time of games, food, social service vendors, free haircuts, etc. There are employers who are set-up to hire on the spot as well as artist performances, medical screenings and free groceries. Our desire to convey a message of hope through Christ to our community.

Hospitality Ministry

Ministry Leader: Shirley Shimoyama

As a church we understand the importance of welcoming neighbors, friends and family. Our hospitality team is tasked with providing refreshments during key times before, during and after worship. They are key to hosting church wide events.

Pastor’s Aide Ministry

Ministry Leader: Sharon Kearney

These individuals are given the task of watching over the well being of the pastors at GCC. They have a key role in providing beverages and snacks between and during teaching and preaching sessions at the church.

Couples Ministry

Ministry Leaders: Marvin & Dana Johnson

We understand the importance of disciplining couples as they grow. This team provides opportunity for fellowship and teaching around topics that help our married couples. We are also focused on meeting couples who are transitioning into marriage and providing them the necessary relational tools that will lead to a God-honoring union.

Audio/Visual Ministry

Ministry Leader: Josette Adams

This team executes all of our sound and video/presentation needs at GCC. The oversee the technological aspect of our worship experience on Sundays as well as other events where sound and video is needed. This team also oversee our social media and web development.


Ministry Leader:

Our security team watches over the gatherings of GCC. We understand the importance of ensuring that anyone looking to attending GCC enjoys a worry-free experience. We ensure that our children and adults are secured.

Admin Ministry

Ministry Leader: Lila Young

This team ensures that many of the day to day task of running a church is handled. This team is crucial to making that bills are paid, copies are made, calendar is set and so much more. We are able to meet certain goals as a church because this team serves.

Finance Ministry

Finance Ministry: Gloria Jenkins

This team is made up of trustees who are tasked with maintaining a high standard when it comes to handling GCC finances. Thy handle counting, financial reports, reimbursements and many other tasks.

Deliverance Ministry

This team is there as a support for those recovering from addiction as well as those still struggling with addictive behavior. We work alongside other churches and organizations to provide help in the recovering process.

Greeter’s Ministry

Ministry Leader: Kim Anderson

This is one of the most important ministries at GCC. This team welcomes first time visitors into the worship experience. They provide the first impression of the Great Commission Church. They are worship host who work diligently to make everyone’s experience at GCC special.

New Disciples Ministry

Ministry Leader: Linda Chester

This ministry team provides an introduction for those looking to become members of Great Commission Church. The new disciples process includes a 12-week class, baptism for those who need to be baptized and a pastoral interview. We have some great teachers who provide a clear overview of the life and doctrine of GCC.

Intercessory Prayer

Ministry Leader: Barbara Durant

These members are committed to receiving requests from members and praying about these requests throughout the week. These are prayer warriors who have love God and lead the people of God in prayer on Sunday mornings and also lead a time of corporate prayer on the first Monday of each month. GCC is a praying church and we understand the power of a praying church


Our vision is to be the arms of God reaching out to people who do not know Christ personally. We also desire to welcome the children of God, who may have lost their way or who have no church home, to a warm loving setting for which they can come back to God.


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